Adopt an Area

multi-use-path-2f-13x9Interested in helping keep Sierra Vista a beautiful, livable community? Consider adoption! There are several amenities you can take under the wing of your family, group, or organization. Here are the current opportunities:

Adopt a Multi-use Path
Adopt a Public Recreation Space
Adopt a Neighborhood Park
Adopt an Event
Adopt a Street

Ready to get started? Find an adoptable area on the map below then complete the following form.

Not ready to to commit to the Adopt program but still want to make a positive impact? Volunteer for upcoming community projects donate a park bench or tree.

Participant Hours Report

Please use the form below to report the hours invested in your adopted area. We appreciate your commitment to making Sierra Vista a better place to live, work, and play!

Please report hours no later than one week form the completion of the cleanup. Calculate, record, and report the total number of hours worked at your adopted site by filling in the form below. If you need to report for more than one date, just complete the form again!

Adopted Site (required)

Number of participants

Number of hours worked (round to the nearest full hour)

Tasks completed