Home-based Business License & Application

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Please note: There may be deed restrictions limiting the use of the property for home-based businesses. The City of Sierra Vista does not investigate or enforce deed restrictions. Deed restrictions are generally enforced by local property owners or homeowners' associations. Further, there may be permits required by state and federal agencies. You may wish to investigate any potential deed restrictions or required permits before submitting this application. The City of Sierra Vista does not assume any responsibility to ensure that the proper permits have been obtained.

Prohibited business uses of residential property are automotive service and repair of vehicles not owned or leased by the occupants of the property, nail salons, animal kennels, and medical services. For additional information on home-based businesses, please see the City of Sierra Vista Development Code, Article 151.06.004.

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Please indicate the size of the sign. Please note that signage cannot exceed 4 square feet and must be located on the principal structure.
For more information about signage, see Development Code Article 151.10.

Does the business activity include food preparation? YesNo

Please note: Any home-based business involved in food preparation such as baking, cooking, or canning may need to be approved by the Cochise County Health Department, (520) 803-3900. The Health Department will supply the applicant with a letter that states the conditions needed to meet Health Department standards. That letter will need to be provided to the City of Sierra Vista as part of your business license application packet. Please contact the Sierra Vista Public Works Department at (520) 458-5775 for information about the proper disposal of fats, oils, and grease created from the business.

Check each box below to confirm that you meet all of the conditions for a home-based businesses required by the City's Development Code.

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1. This application must be approved before I can lawfully engage in any business activities in the City of Sierra Vista.
2. A separate license is required for each business location.
3. Written notification of any changes or cancellation of this application must be made immediately to the License Clerk. Without written notification of cancellation, billing will continue.
4. This license is non-transferable and shall be valid until revoked by the City Clerk.
5. The fee for a new license is $100 and is not proratable. The annual renewal fee is $50, payable on January 1 of each year.
6. I certify that if applicable, I will submit the application for an Arizona State Sales Tax number for the location described within five (5) working days of the approval of this application.
7. Non-profits must submit proof of exemption (Letter of Determination).
8. A separate permit is required for any business sign.
9. I understand that this license application is contingent upon approval from the City of Sierra Vista Community Development Department, the Fire & Medical Services Department, and Environmental Services.

I hereby certify that the statements made herein, to the best of my belief and knowledge, are true and correct. Required.

I request to not be contacted by outside businesses or solicitors.

Please attach Letter of Permission from property owner/landlord, if required (PDF only).

Please attach a photo of your ID (.jpg only).