Campaign for Office

Interested in running for Sierra Vista City Council? Contact Jill Adams, Sierra Vista City Clerk, at (520) 458-3315 to learn how to get on the ballot for City Council.

Candidates are required to file several documents with the City Clerk’s office. The first form you need to file is the Candidate Statement of Interest form, per SB1451. This form must be filed with the City Clerk's Office, and should be filed before obtaining any petition signatures. (If you have already begun collecting signatures, please file the Candidate Statement of Interest form immediately so that the signatures you've already collected can be grandfathered in.) If you do not file the form, you risk candidate challenge in Superior Court, which may exclude signatures gathered after you file.

The Candidate Statement of Interest form must be filed even if you filed a Candidate Committee. The form can be filed electronically by emailing it to Jill Adams. Once filed, the form will be available to the public.

After filing the Candidate Statement of Interest form, you will be contacted by the City Clerk's Office to set up a brief meeting to review the forms and information needed to qualify to be placed on the ballot. Other forms that you will be required to complete include Finance Reports, Statement of Organization, and a Candidate Termination if you cease your campaign.

If you are wishing to run for a Cochise County position, please see the Cochise County Elections website.