Business Licenses

New Business Licenses

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Business License Application

The forms needed to apply for a business license vary according to the type and location of the business in question. All of these forms can be downloaded from this site. Once completed, the forms, along with supporting documents and payment can be emailed to the City Clerk’s office or mailed to:

City of Sierra Vista
Attn: Business Licensing
1011 N. Coronado Drive
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

To determine which forms you need to license your business, please answer the following questions:

Getting a business licenseWhat kind of business do you plan to operate?

A completed Business License Application is required for the following types of businesses: restaurant, medical office, general office, entertainment, auto service, consumer service, contractor, manufacturing, service, distributor, and retail sales.

Is your business permanent or temporary?

If you plan to operate a permanent business, complete the Business License Application. If you plan to operate a temporary business associated with a special event or purpose (concert, festival, parking lot sale, etc.) complete a Vendor Application. Parade, Assemblage or Road Closure complete an Application for Special Event Permit.

Will you operate your business at a commercial location or out of your home?

If you will be conducting business at a commercial location, complete the Commercial Business License Application, and you must complete a Zoning Compliance Certificate and get it approved by the Community Development Department and the Fire Department. If you live within the limits of the City of Sierra Vista and plan to operate a business out of your home, you must complete a Home Business License Application.

Are you a mobile food vendor?

Mobile food vendors selling food at a location for more than 2 hours at a time must complete a Mobile Food Vendor Permit application, which will be reviewed by the Community Development and Fire & Medical Services departments.

Is a separate license for each place of business required?

Separate license must be obtained for each branch establishment or separate place of business in which any trade, business, game or amusement, calling, profession, or occupation is practiced, transacted or carried on, and for each trade, business, game or amusement, calling, profession, or occupation practiced, transacted, or carried on at the same place, and each license issued shall authorize the person obtaining it to practice, transact, carry on, pursue or conduct only that trade, business, game or amusement, calling, profession, or occupation described in the license, and only at the location or place of business therein described.

Has the location, ownership, or name of your business changed?

In the event that the location, ownership, or name of your business changes, you will need to update your business license by completing a Business License Update Form. A change in location also requires that you complete either a new zoning compliance certificate or a new home occupation application.

Pottery wheelAre you engaged in a hobby/activity or make occasional sales?

This product or service is exempt provided that the hobby or activity is not a primary source of income pursuant to City Code Section 110-04. Occasional Sales.

Are you a religious, social, or fraternal and nonprofit organization?

Any religious, social, or fraternal and nonprofit organization shall be required to execute and fill out a Nonprofit Business License Application with the City Clerk for a waiver of all requirements of this chapter. When the nonprofit organizations conduct or sponsor any showing, fair, display, or demonstration, all participants will be exempt from the provisions provided the sponsoring organization files for a waiver of requirements listing all participants under the organizations sponsorship with the City Clerk five days prior to the event. The city shall have the right to deny any person participation for failure to file information necessary for waiver of requirements.

Is this a special event, i.e., a parade, assemblage or road closure?

Application for Special Event Permit must be returned to the Department of Leisure and Library Services not less than 30 days before the scheduled event. A diagram of the proposed site or route is required for review. Include streets and intersections in which the road will be closed. Also identify on the map the portion of the street or intersection, which will be occupied during the street closure.

What are the Public Works Department’s requirements for food establishments?

All food establishments must have a grease interceptor to remove or reduce the concentration of fats, oils, and grease in wastewater before discharging to the city sewer and treatment system. For standards and details, please click here.

Questions about business licenses? Contact the Sierra Vista City Clerk’s Office at (520) 439-2145.

Questions about starting up your business? Contact the Sierra Vista Economic Development Division. Consultation is free and confidential. (520) 439-2122.