Public Comment Items

The City currently has the following items open for public comments.

Development Code Amendments

On Thursday, Dec. 14, the Sierra Vista City Council approved proposed development code amendments for a 30-day public comment period. The topics and associated page numbers below will guide you through the proposed changes document.  Comments can be submitted to For more information, call the Community Development Department at (520) 417-4413

  • Water Adequacy Clarifications, Article 151.19, Subdivision Regulations, pg 2
  • Manufactured Home and RV Development Standards (section 151.02, definitions), pg 24
  • Matrix of Use Permissions by District (section 151.22.006), pg 31
  • Manufactured Home Residence Zoning District (section 151.22.001), pg 36
  • Administrative Modifications and Fence and Wall Height, pg 47
  • Supplementary District Regulations (section 151.04), pg 47
  • Administrative Site Plan Standards and Submittal Requirements (section 151.18, site plans), pg 61
  • Increased Commercial Building Heights; Reduced Building Setback in Infill Incentive District (section 151.02, definitions), pg 72
  • General Commercial Zoning Districts (section 151.22.018), pg 73
  • Water Harvesting (section 151.04.015, Required Drainage Facilities), pg 77
  • Off-Street Parking & Loading (article 151.09), pg 78
  • Landscaping, Walls, Screening, and Buffer (article 151.15), pg 91
  • Removal of Article 151.05, Performance Standards and Relocation of Text, pg.
  • Performance Standards (article 151.05), pg 105
  • Sewerage Facilities (article 151.08.007), pg 119
  • Chapter 150 of City Code, Building and Property Maintenance, pg 125
  • Chapter 93 of City Code, Noise, pg 156
  • Property Maintenance Enforcement, pg 160
  • Chapter 150 of City Code, Building and Property Maintenance, pg 160


Small Wireless Facilities Fees

The City of Sierra Vista is providing a 60-day public notice for the establishment of new fees for small wireless facilities in public rights-of-way. Review the proposed fees here.  The fees are scheduled for potential adoption at the Thursday, Feb. 8, City Council meeting at 5 p.m. at City Hall. To learn more, or submit comments call the Community Development Department at (520) 417-4413 or email the director at