SVPD urges everyone to stay alert on roads, crosswalks

Adam Curtis Police Press Releases, Public Affairs Press Releases

The Sierra Vista Police Department responded to two minor vehicle versus bicyclist collisions today and urges residents to always be alert and attentive when traveling around town, especially with the new school year now underway.

Both collisions were reported at about 8 a.m. today. In one collision, a driver struck an adult woman riding a bicycle at a low speed through a driveway along Fry Boulevard. In the second collision, a driver turned left from Busby Drive onto Coronado Drive and struck a juvenile walking their bicycle across Coronado Drive with a walk signal. In both cases, the drivers were cited for failure to yield and the victims suffered minor injuries.

“It’s fortunate that these collisions were minor but they serve as a timely reminder that we all need to be vigilant while traveling on roads, paths, sidewalks, and crosswalks,” Sierra Vista Police Department Sgt. Brian Sebastian says. “With school now in session, there are many more pedestrians and bicyclists traveling through local streets.”

The Sierra Vista Police Department and City of Sierra Vista work closely with local schools to improve student drop-off and pickup procedures to ensure safety and facilitate efficient traffic flow. SVPD officers will continue to prioritize traffic safety enforcement, to include the 15 mph speed limit in school zones.

“Under state law, drivers are always responsible to exercise due care to avoid colliding with any pedestrian on any roadway,” Sebastian says. “We also urge bicyclists and pedestrians to follow traffic laws and take extra care to be alert and attentive to their surroundings so everyone stays safe.”