Resident reports scam call faking SVPD phone number

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A Sierra Vista resident has reported a scam phone call that was made to appear like it came from a Sierra Vista Police Department phone line.

The resident reported the call at about 3 p.m. today and said it appeared to come from the SVPD communications center phone number, (520) 458-3311. This tactic is commonly known as “caller ID spoofing” and can be used by scammers to make the phone call seem credible.

The scam caller claimed that the resident had an outstanding warrant for bad checks and needed to send money to satisfy the warrant. The resident realized it was a scam and ended the call.

“The Sierra Vista Police Department does not contact residents by phone to send money for any reason,” SVPD Public Information Officer Cpl. Tim Wachtel says. “If you receive a suspicious call from our department demanding money or personal information, hang up and call us back to verify or report the phone call.”

When someone calls the number that appeared on their caller ID, they will not reach the scammer and will instead reach the appropriate individual, business, or agency. If a resident receives a suspicious call from a Sierra Vista Police Department phone number, they should hang up and call that number back to report the scam.