Premier Alliances, City partner on grant for accessible playground equipment

Adam Curtis Public Affairs Press Releases

The Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona has fully funded a grant for the purchase and installation of accessible playground equipment at Veterans Memorial Park.

Premier Alliances, Inc. partnered with the City to submit the application for $50,000 from the Legacy Foundation’s Innovative Grant Cycle. This joint project will result in the addition of several new pieces of playground equipment specifically designed to accommodate children with mobility challenges, to include those who use a wheelchair.

The equipment is scheduled to be installed in Veterans Memorial Park in the late-winter and will feature a six-seat swing set, merry-go-round, spinning seat, and individual wheelchair swing. The entire playground will be connected to existing pathways and set upon a rubberized surface to support safety and wheelchair access.

“We’re thrilled to be able to improve access at one of our most popular playgrounds and offer new equipment that all local children can enjoy,” says Laura Wilson, the City’s director of the Leisure and Library Services. “Partnerships like this one are a great way to overcome fiscal constraints and leverage local resources to improve quality of life in our community.”

The majority of the cost of the purchase and installation of the equipment is covered by the Legacy Foundation grant, with additional funds and in-kind support from Premier Alliances. The City of Sierra Vista will provide site preparation, equipment storage, and a staff review of the installation once it is complete. The City has also committed to maintaining the equipment for the length of its lifespan.

“This partnership, resulting in one of the most inclusive playgrounds in both Sierra Vista and Cochise County, exemplifies Premier Alliances’ commitment to improving the lives of people with disabilities,” Premier Alliances CEO John Charley says.