Input sought on amendments to streamline building codes

Adam Curtis Public Affairs Press Releases

03-23-2018: This item is no longer open for public comment.

Amendments to streamline the City’s building codes and reduce unnecessary restrictions are currently open to public comment before coming up for final adoption at the Thursday, Dec. 14, City Council meeting.

The proposed changes were approved by council for a 30-day public comment period earlier this month and comments will continue to be accepted until the Dec. 14 vote. The amendments are the result of a comprehensive review of locally adopted international and national building codes, as well as input from contractors.

The amendments eliminate unnecessary and redundant codes, while also reducing local restrictions that do not have an impact on safety. They are intended to make the local building codes more user-friendly, while still preserving important life, fire, and property standards.

“We’re always looking for common sense ways to make it easier for folks to move their projects forward safely and with minimal hassle,” Community Development Director Matt McLachlan says. “Our staff strives to provide exceptional customer service and is always open to input on how to do things better.”

Public comments on the proposed building code amendments will be accepted until the City Council acts on their final adoption on Thursday, Dec 14. The amendments are available at City Hall and can also be reviewed at by searching for “public comment items” or clicking the link on the homepage.

Comments can be submitted in person at City Hall or emailed to For more information, call the Community Development Department at (520) 417-4413.