Drivers urged to keep handicap parking access aisles clear

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The Sierra Vista Police Department has seen a recent uptick in motorists obstructing designated handicap parking spots by parking in the access aisle, an area surrounding the spot that is often marked with diagonal stripes.

Numerous recent violations have been observed in the Walmart parking lot, located at 500 N. Highway 90, where the access aisles are clearly marked with diagonal striping.

“We’d like to remind motorists that parking inside an access aisle is illegal, regardless of whether you have a disability parking permit,” SVPD Public Information Officer Cpl. Tim Wachtel says. “The violation can result in the same fine as parking in a handicap spot without a permit.

“We’re going to monitor this issue closely and urge drivers to avoid citations by staying clear of these access aisles,” Wachtel says.

A citation can result in a fine of more than $170, including court fees.