Dog park users urged not to leave personal items behind

Adam Curtis Public Affairs Press Releases

City staff will be checking the dog park at Tompkins Park for personal property and removing those items when the park closes each day starting on Thursday, June 7.

Many users of the dog park bring chairs, kiddie pools, and toys to the park. Often these items are left behind to be used again when the users return to the dog park. Use of personal items like these at the park is welcome but leaving them behind can present safety hazards for other park users, create an opportunity for items to be stolen, and clutter the environment.

“We’re going to check for these items on a more proactive, routine basis to ensure the dog park stays in appropriate condition for all users each day,” Leisure and Library Services Director Laura Wilson says. “So we’re urging users of the park to check for their items and bring them back home each time they use the park.”

Signs will be posted at the dog park to notify users that staff will be removing any personal items left behind each day. Items of significant value will be turned into the Sierra Vista Police Department and will be returned to their owners upon request.