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Rachel Gray

Council Member City Council
Phone: (520) 439-2149
Photo of Rachel Gray


Rachel Gray was elected to the City Council in November, 2012 and is a fourteen-year resident of Sierra Vista.  Raised as a Pastor’s daughter in the South, her passion for community service developed at a very early age. Rachel attended the University of Southern Mississippi, where she studied speech communication.
Rachel and her husband, Thomas, moved to Sierra Vista from Mississippi in 2001 when her husband was stationed at Fort Huachuca.  Upon their departure from the Army, Rachel and her family decided to stay and make Sierra Vista their home. She and her husband have one son, Malachi.

Council Member Gray has served the Sierra Vista community in many capacities–as a teacher, a realtor, and a volunteer.  Over the past ten years, she has assisted local organizations, clubs, and charities in a variety of different ways through service and leadership.
As a former small business owner, Council Member Gray has been involved with small business development and enhancement in Sierra Vista.  She looks forward to continuing to serve the citizens of Sierra Vista during her term as a Council Member.
During her first two years as a Council member, Rachel served as the Council liaison to the Arts and Humanities, West End, and Youth Commissions. She currently serves as Council liaison to the Planning and Zoning and Airport Commissions and is the primary City representative to the Upper San Pedro Partnership.