Sierra Vista, a proactive leader is recycling, has lead the state in recycling programs, including composting, Christmas tree recycling, waste disposal events, and more. By partnering with the City—and making a small effort in your home or business—you can help reduce the amount of trash sent to the landfill, lower service costs, and decrease the impact on our landfills.

Sierra Vista residents can enjoy weekly recycling curbside collection at no additional cost. To participate in the program, request a blue recycling bin when you sign up for trash collection service at City Hall, or call (520) 458-5775 to add recycling to your regular service.

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Residential Trash/Sewer New Services Application
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Recycling FAQs

On some weeks, your trash will be picked up twice a week, either on Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. Recycling will be picked up instead of the regular trash pickup on the second collection day.

To help you keep track of which bin to put out for the second collection, please download and print this handy calendar. If you live on Fort Huachuca, get your calendar here.

You can also bookmark and check out this interactive refuse service map.

Here’s a quick overview of what materials can be placed in your blue bin:

  • Plastic bottles and jugs with the numbers 1 and 2 on them. Examples include soda and water bottles, liquid laundry detergent jugs, and milk jugs.
  • Corrugated cardboard (the kind with the wavy lines in the middle). Please place all other fiberboard (like cereal boxes and paper towel cores) in your green trash bin.
  • Aluminum and steel (“tin”) cans, like soda cans and soup cans.

Please be sure to wash recyclables and remove labels, if possible, before placing them in the blue bins. Please do not place green (yard) waste, glass, Styrofoam, or plastic bags in the blue bin.

Click here to see where you can recycle materials at local businesses and the Cochise County Transfer Station.
Glass bottles and jarsDid you know Sierra Vista can eliminate about 600 tons of glass from the County landfill just by dropping it at the Glass Depot? The City is partnering with Strategic Materials, a Phoenix-based company, to collect and recycle glass. Drop your glass containers and bottles at the City’s Glass Depot, located in the south parking lot at the Pedro Castro Maintenance Center, 401 Giulio Cesare Ave. Please do not place glass in blue recycling bins!

Drop off empty, clean, clear and colored glass jars and bottles at the glass depot. Don’t worry about taking off the labels, but please remove lids and corks.

Please do not drop off ceramics, windshields, cookware, light bulbs, window glass, fish tanks, mirrors and dishes, including drinking glasses.

Yard waste in a purple wheelbarrowFree yard waste pickup service is available for City of Sierra Vista residential refuse customers. This includes yard trimmings, such as grass clippings, tree and shrub trimmings, branches, cacti, and other plant matter. Bags containing rocks or dirt are not permitted and will not be picked up.

Yard waste is picked up on Wednesdays, and requests must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Monday for a Wednesday pickup of the same week. (Green waste is not picked up during weeks with a federal holiday.) All yard waste must be bagged, boxed, bundled or put in your own reusable plastic container(s). Bundled items must not exceed five feet in length.

Click here to schedule a green waste pickup, or call (520) 458-7530.

Don’t pour cooking oil and grease down the drain. It can build up in your pipes and cause costly sewer backups at home, in the street, and in the sanitary sewer system. Instead, collect fats, oils, and grease and recycle them.

Pour liquid animal fats, excess cooking oil, and cooking grease into a clean, dry container with a secure lid. Filter out any bits of debris from the grease by pouring it through a coffee filter or paper towel. After collecting your cooking fats, oils, and grease, secure the lid and take it to the City’s Compost Facility (7201 E. Highway 90 at mile post 324), Monday-Saturday, 8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

A recycling partnership with the City of Sierra Vista is a win-win for your business, the community, and the environment.

The first step in adding recycling to your business sanitation service is to arrange for a site visit. The visit won’t impact your business operations and takes only about 30 minutes. During the visit, a City representative will help identify the quantity and type of recyclable waste generated, determine where the recycling Dumpster can be placed, and learn about your expectations.

The City wants your recycling program to be successful, so we offer employee education, posters, and on-site training if needed.

Take the first step by calling (520) 458-5775, or email
Click here to read case studies about businesses that are successfully recycling.