Teen Center FAQs

Yes! There is at least one person on staff at all times, making sure that rules of the center are followed and the Teen Center stays a safe place for teens in our community. Staff also facilitates special events and hosts events like pool tournaments and card games weekly.
Currently all teens between 13-17 are welcome with a picture ID. The Teen Center is free. We also welcome teens from Fort Huachuca as well. – If you do not have a school ID, a parent can bring a birth certificate or alternate form of ID to verify your age the first time you visit the Center.
Yes, we do. The Teen Center operates on common sense rules such as: no fighting, no bullying, no alcohol or drugs, and no disrespecting the building or furniture. We will call parents if there is a problem, or if need be, the police. All of this is very rare at the Teen Center as it attracts a really fun, good-natured crowd, but we do take safety seriously.
Teens can and do walk to WalMart or to local eateries. We have them sign in and out, but we do not limit their activities. If you do not want your child to leave the Teen Center after drop off, please discuss that with them prior.
We welcome tours and encourage parents to stop by and take one any time we are open.
Please contact Emily Scherrer, Library & Teen Center Manager at (520) 439-2252. She welcomes new ideas and insights!