Internet Use Policy

The Sierra Vista Public Library provides access to the Internet via public access computers and wireless service. Access to the Internet is provided as an integral part of the Library’s research, education, and information services, and the Library upholds and affirms the right of adults to have access to constitutionally-protected materials. All customers are expected to use the Internet in a manner consistent with these purposes and with respect and consideration of other library users.

The City supports the application of Internet filters in accordance with state and federal laws. Per ARS 34-502, the Sierra Vista Public Library will provide Internet filters to both its wireless system as well as its public computers that prevent minors from gaining access to visual depictions of child pornography, material that is harmful to minors, or obscene, and that prevent anyone from gaining access to visual depictions of child pornography or that are obscene.

The Sierra Vista Public Library provides internet access to all patrons, regardless of their membership status with the library. Library cards will have one of two designations: internet access granted and internet access denied. All card holders and visitors that are 18 years or older will be automatically designated as having internet access granted, either through their library card or via a temporary pass. With written permission of a parent or legal guardian, access will also be granted to patrons or visitors who are 17 years old or younger. No patron under age 18 will be granted access to the library’s public computers without written parent or guardian permission.

The library is not responsible for policing access to the wireless internet system, as it is open to anyone with a wireless device.

Patrons may request that a website blocked by the Library’s filters be unblocked by following the procedure as specified by the Director of Leisure & Library Services, provided said site(s) do not violate state or federal laws. The Director will develop and enforce these procedures, which will be posted in a conspicuous location within the library and may be viewed by the public at any time.

The Sierra Vista Public Library cannot control the resources on the Internet even through the use of filtering software. No Internet filter is 100% effective. A filter may still allow information that is objectionable or potentially offensive to children to be accessed. The Director of Leisure and Library Services will develop a complaint procedure, and will periodically review the effectiveness of the filtering software with the City’s technical staff.

In accordance with ARS 34-502, this policy will be reviewed by the Sierra Vista City Council every three years.