Discovery Packs and Equipment

Explorers looking to make amazing discoveries in our community can check out a “Discovery Packs” at the Sierra Vista Public Library. These packs allow for fabulous fun for explorers of all ages and can be checked out for two weeks. All that’’s needed is a library card.

Contents of Geocaching Pack.For those who love to view the stars but can’t afford to buy a telescope, look no further than the “Telescope Pack.” Thanks to the Huachuca Astronomy Club, this pack has been made available to all aspiring astronomers and is perfect for beginning and expert astronomers alike. The pack includes a telescope, stand and an astronomy guide and manual.

Do you love birding or butterfly watching? The “Birding/Butterfly Pack” is just for you! This pack—sponsored by The Friends of the Sierra Vista Public Library — comes with two binoculars, one for adults and one for children, and identification guides, making it a great pack for the whole family to enjoy.

Call (520) 458-4225 to learn more about the Discovery Packs or stop by the library and check one out to begin your exploring adventure today.