Background questionnaire for civilian applicants

Civilian applicants for jobs within the Sierra Vista Police Department must fill out a background questionnaire. The Civilian Applicant Background Questionnaire is available here.

Some tips to help you fill out the questionnaire are included on this page. If you have any questions, contact our recruiter, Molly Schmitt, at (520) 452-7500.

Tips for the Civilian Background Questionnaire

Requested Documents. For any of the documents you need to send off for, request that certified copies be sent to Human Resources at
City of Sierra Vista
Attn: H.R.
1011 N. Coronado Dr.
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635.

If certified copies are sent to you, DO NOT open the envelopes. Just bring or mail them, still sealed, to H.R. If the envelope(s) are opened, they will be considered invalid.

Birth Certificate. If you have your original birth certificate, you can bring it in person to Human Resources and they can make a photocopy of it right then, and indicate that it is a true copy. If you are mailing your birth certificate, first take your original certificate to a Notary Public and request a notarized copy, stating it is a true copy. If a Notary Public cannot or will not assist you, you will need to order a certified copy through the Bureau of Vital Statistics online. If you do not have your original birth certificate, order a certified copy through the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

High School and College Transcripts. Human Resources will accept photocopies to start your application, but you’ll have to present certified copies from each of the schools you have attended. We recommend ordering these immediately. Feel free to include additional information about any awards, honors, and training you have received.

Questionnaire. Be sure to get the Authorization for Release of Information sheet notarized. There are Notary Publics in the Sierra Vista City Hall you can use the day you turn in the questionnaire. If this page isn’t notarized, your background investigation will not proceed until it is.

There’s a section in the middle for anyone with prior law enforcement experience. You can skip that if you have none.

There is a section that asks you to list some neighbors. Do not leave that section blank. We need three or four. They don’t have to be current neighbors, but they shouldn’t date back further than two years or so. You may have to go introduce yourself to some neighbors if you can’t provide three or four. The Police Department will not share this information with anyone.

Be neat, honest and thorough when filling this out. We realize that everyone makes mistakes, and deception and lying is not tolerated. Do not submit incomplete information or the hiring process will be delayed.