FAQ Regarding the Police Officer Position

Have questions? Here are answers to the most asked questions about working as a Police Officer for the City of Sierra Vista.
After two years of service on Patrol, you can apply and compete for any open detective positions. The General Crimes detectives serve a six year term and the Property Crimes detectives serve a four year term. Currently, our patrol officers investigate most misdemeanor and some felony cases from start-to-end so you will learn, and experience, a lot of "detective" work while serving in Patrol too.
You can apply and compete for a corporal position after two years of service. The corporal applicant must also have obtained their associates degree within two years from date of hire. To promote to the sergeant position, one must have an associates degree and four years of police officer experience. In order to promote to a lieutenant, the officer must have a bachelors degree and five years of police officer experience. They must also have a minimum of three years supervisory experience.
Currently our Patrol bureau works 4/10's (four ten hour shifts) and they rotate every three months. There are three groups of patrol officers that rotate throughout the year. Each group has approximately ten officers, two corporals and a sergeant.
We are a paramilitary organization with rank structure similar to the armed forces. It starts with the entry level police officer(s), police corporal(s), police sergeant(s), police lieutenant(s), police commander(s), deputy chief of police and chief of police.
The starting salary is $47,075 / year. Overtime and compensatory leave is available with guidelines.
Yes, if the applicant’s law enforcement experience is considered relative/relevant to position. That will be determined when an offer of employment is made.
Yes, we have two. Both are trained in attack work and drug detection.
After two years of service, you can compete for an open K9 Handler position.
Yes, our official term is the SVPD Tactical Unit. Tactical Unit Team members may be assigned from any bureau, division, or detail within the department. This is an on-call position with additional compensation. The Tactical Unit consists of the following teams: Special Response Team (SRT), Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) and the Precision Rifle Team (PRT). An officer must have at least two years of police officer experience to be a member of this team.
There are several special assignments, both primary and secondary, available to the qualified officer. Some primary assignments include Traffic Unit Officer, Detective, K9 Handler and School Resource Officer. Some secondary assignments include Accident Reconstructionist and Honor Guard. There are also several General/Specialty Instructor positions such as Defensive Tactics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Driving Instructor etc., Bicycle Unit Officer, Mentor, Field Training Officer, Tactical Unit member, Respiratory Specialist, Intoxilyzer Quality Assurance Specialist and others as created.