Agencies issue over 170 citations in traffic safety campaign

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The Sierra Vista Police Department, Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, and Arizona Department of Public Safety issued more than 170 citations and made several arrests while conducting a multi-agency traffic safety enforcement campaign in the Sierra Vista area last week.

Motorists were most commonly cited for speeding in the campaign, which was conducted during the week of Monday, April 16. The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) prioritizes funding enforcement campaigns targeting speeding and aggressive driving. According to the GOHS, speeding is one of the top three causes of traffic related deaths on Arizona’s roads and highways. The others are driving while impaired and failure to be properly restrained.

The week-long campaign resulted in the following: 278 stops/contacts, 135 civil speed citations, six seat belt citations, 11 red light citations, two following too close citations, 103 warnings/repair orders, 25 miscellaneous citations, one driving on a suspended driver’s license arrest, one open container in vehicle arrest, one possession of marijuana arrest, two possession of drug paraphernalia arrests, and two extreme DUI arrests. The average blood alcohol content of the two extreme DUI arrests was 0.190, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08.

“We hope this campaign reminds drivers to always practice safe, defensive driving habits and brings attention to how often dangerous collisions are linked to aggressive driving, speeding, and other common traffic infractions,” SVPD Cmdr. Lawrence Boutte says. “We will continue to work with our partner agencies and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to enforce traffic laws and educate drivers regarding traffic safety.”

There were six traffic collisions reported on Sierra Vista roadways during this campaign. During the seven weeks prior, there was an average of about 11 traffic collisions reported per week.