Pay attention to pet safety on Fourth of July

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As we get ready to celebrate Independence Day, the City of Sierra Vista urges residents to also prepare for the dangers large crowds, loud noises, and extreme heat can pose for pets.

“Animal shelters across the country receive many lost pets — especially dogs — that get spooked by fireworks during the Fourth of July,” says Arleen Garcia, the City’s animal control supervisor. “Please make sure all your pets are properly tagged or microchipped, so if they do get lost they can be easily identified and quickly returned.”

Pet owners should ensure their furry family members are safe and secure at home when Sierra Vista’s fireworks display, hosted by the Sierra Vista Rotary Club, begins just after 8 p.m. near the Domingo Paiz and Stone Fields. Any lost animals that residents find can be taken to the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center. There they will have the best chance to be reunited with their owners.

The Fourth of July festivities do kick off with a Pets and People Promenade in Veterans Memorial Park from 7 to 8:30 a.m. That’s the perfect opportunity to include pets in the holiday festivities, decking them out in their best red, white, and blue duds and accessories. Just take them home before enjoying the Salute to the Union ceremony in the park starting at 11:30 a.m., when canons will offer a booming salute to the 50 states.

Remember to never leave pets behind inside a car when it’s hot outside. Even with the windows cracked, the temperature inside the car can reach dangerous, even deadly levels in just minutes.

If your pets will be home alone, be sure to keep them in a sheltered area and leave a television or radio on at a normal volume to provide some comfort. Remove any items that they could destroy or hurt themselves with if they become distressed. Consult with your veterinarian ahead of time if your pet is seriously distressed by loud noises.

For more information about pet safety, how to get your pet microchipped, or to learn about current adoption opportunities, contact the Nancy J. Brua Animal Care Center at (520) 458-4151.